The Petersons
Who We Are
Isaiah and Rosanna Peterson
Field of Service: Urubamba, Peru
Ministry: Bible Translation Consultant with Bibles International
Sent By: Urbandale Baptist Church
What We Are Doing
Peru is a country on the Western coast of South America. Its population is over 31 million. The main religion is Roman Catholicism.
Quechua is the second official language of Peru with over 3 million speakers. Bibles International finished the New Testament translation in Quechua a few years ago, but there is no one working on the Old Testament. Our desire is to move to Peru to help the Quechua begin their Old Testament translation so that they can have a complete and accurate Bible in their own language.
Why We Are Going
There are 6,887 languages in the world!
Only 554 languages have a complete Bible. Some additional languages have smaller portions of God's Word available.
3,955 languages have NO Bible available at all!
513 million people woke up this morning and could not read God's Word in their heart language! The need for Bible translation is great, and God can use us to help bring His Word to those who have never heard. How will you help?
Source: Wycliffe Global Alliance, Scripture & Language Statistics 2015